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Disney’s Maleficent ( Momimhar posted on June 1st, 2014 )

These two little girls are excited to watch a movie in the big screen.

DD and her cousin were excited to watch a movie in the big screen.

Here they are.  'Couldn't wait for the movie to start. :)

Here they are. ‘Couldn’t wait for the movie to start. 🙂

I took my little girl to a movie today.  We watched Disney’s Maleficent movie together with my cousin and a few of our girl friends.  My cousin brought her first born daughter with her, too.  The little girls were very excited to see a movie.  It was their first time to watch a movie in a theater.  So that was a big deal to them because, as we entered the cinema, they both said that the place is amazing.  🙂

The Maleficent movie was rated PG (Parental Guidance).  My darling daughter kept asking questions.  We watched the movie in 3D so we were given and used 3D glasses.  DD wasn’t comfortable wearing the glasses at first but I told her she will be able to see the picture way better with the 3D glasses.  She wasn’t scared of the battle and all that.  She was fascinated by the fairies and the creatures in the Moors where Maleficent lives.  The two girls got quiet and focused in the movie when Princess Aurora was born.  They were waiting for her to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.  Of course, that was a part in the fairytale book that we read at home. 🙂

I was glad that DD behaved in the movie theater.  She even told me that she wanted our house to have a big screen, stairs and carpet like in the movie theater.  Uhm…okay?!  Hahaha!

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Nostalgic Summer Past Times To Keep Your Kids Entertained ( Momimhar posted on November 26th, 2013 )

Reminiscing on the summer months always creates a sense of nostalgia. Time seems to move slower, the chirping of cicadas in the distance is comforting and the sense of freedom and lack of discipline you feel is overwhelming. For some, summer means schools out, the briefcase is stashed to the darkest realms of the closet, the swimsuits are hanging on the line and there might even be a whirlwind romance worthy of Danny and Sandy. One thing I think we can all agree on is the best memories of our youth are the ones we experienced during summer. Now that we are a bit older (and hopefully wiser) the time has come to conjure up fun ways to keep our kids entertained throughout the holiday break. While we all know that they will be gallivanting around with friends for the most part, there are plenty of old timey activities that we used to do as kids that will still be fun for the even the most technological reliant kids of today.

Marshmallows around the Campfire

No one knows who created this age old tradition, but huddling on a couple of neatly placed logs around the campfire and casting a marshmallow over a roaring flame is a staple to any camping trip. It didn’t matter so much if you weren’t a lover of marshmallows, it was all about seeking the best stick to do the job and watching the marshmallow slowly transform into a flaming ball of gooey goodness. Everyone always had a different idea of just right, whether you like it blackened or whether you preferred is gently browned. Regardless of this, once you put it in your mouth, you realise that the sweet taste of the marshmallow had a secret flavour only known when roasted.

Relaxing at the beach

Beaches and summer go hand-in-hand, you simply can’t have a summer without paying a visit to the beach at least once. Spend the day splashing in the ocean, laying the sand with a mindless book, building the biggest sandcastle known to man or bury Dad up to his head and giving him a body made of sand.

Outdoor Water Party

Yes, I know, water consumption during the summer is important, but there’s nothing like running around in a shower of water on a sweltering day. Once the kids start to get bored of the sprinklers, then you can bust out the big guns – the oh so adventurous Slip ‘n’ Slide.

Summer is fun!

Summer is fun!

Kids having fun at the water park.

Kids having fun at the water park.

Staying cool at the movies

There’s two reasons why heading into the dark confines of a movie theatre is a good idea during summer. For one, you can beat the heat under the cool whooshing of the cinema air conditioning and secondly, you can revel in some of the biggest blockbuster releases of the year.

Friendly competition with a bike race

A little friendly competition didn’t hurt anyone, did it? While a leisurely cycle on a warm day is good for taking in the sights and surroundings, an adrenaline filled contest to decipher who is has the best road bike and the quickest legs to take them over the finish line reins champion for entertaining ways to fill the day.

What is your favourite summer memory? Tell us your story in the comments below.

My Heroes! (On That Moment) ( Momimhar posted on June 30th, 2013 )

I miss my family and friends back home.  Whenever I am alone (when DD is napping) on a hot breezy afternoon, I sit in the back porch while eating a little snack looking around the backyard and watching the vehicle passing by.  It feels like homesickness kicking in again.

I remember summer days are super hot in the Philippines.  Although rains come once in a while in the afternoons, still the heat and humidity make you sweaty.  When I was young, me, my cousins, and my friends love exploring the farms and rivers when it’s summertime and the school is out.   We look for some firewood, pick vegetables, and (when there is a chance) bath in the rivers.  If not, we just go out there and get-together enjoying three pitchers of young coconut meat mixed with condensed milk, crackers, and the juice.  We called it ‘lamaw’ in Visayan dialect.  I don’t know but nothing beats its deliciousness.  It’s one of my favorite refreshments.

One day when my cousins, a few friends, and I went to pick some firewood at a friend’s farm something frightening happened…to me.  It was getting to close to dark so we hurried home.  Carrying a sack of a few things – firewood, vegetables, coconut, and root crops – on our heads, we walked homed hurriedly.  When crossing a river, I thought the rock I stepped on was sturdy.  I slipped and the current had drawn me into the deep part.  My sack fell into the water.  I thought I will get drowned.  My older cousin and a friend immediately came to help.  My cousin got me and our friend jump for my sack.  My heroes! (On that moment). I was very scared and wet.  I never told my parents about it.  That was a bad incident one summer.  That is why I never let my siblings go up to pick firewood because crossing the rivers is dangerous.

Anyway, memories good or bad are worth remembering.  We’ll have our lessons learned.

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Kaye’s First Gardening ( Momimhar posted on May 1st, 2013 )

It’s our darling daughter’s first gardening last weekend.  We went to the garden store and we bought some vegetables and flowers to plant.  My darling husband tilled the garden soil the day before the planting so the soil is soft and perfect.

I have some seeds available for planting.  Daddy let our little girl help with sticking the seeds in the soil.  She was having fun because she was looking forward to it.  She likes digging in the soil and watering the plants.


Darling daughter planting her first beans.

It was not really hot that day.  In fact, the breeze was quite chilly.  Just right temperature for planting vegetables and flowers.  In two weeks the beans will sprout and I cannot wait for them to climb on the trellis.  Actually, they’re string beans.  I am sure my little girl will be excited to see sprouts, too.  She likes eating tomatoes and we planted plenty of them this year.  Few of my darling daughter’s favorite vegetables are:




Green beans


Bok Choy


Chayotte Squash

She likes them in salads and in soups.  We only have tomatoes and beans in our garden though.  Next time we’ll have to work on planting the other veggies.  Vegetables are great for kids aside from fruits.  It helps regulate the body to prevent constipation.

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My Determination To Finish School ( Momimhar posted on April 24th, 2013 )

Everyone of us have different life experiences growing up.  Here’s mine:

I can say that if not with my determination to finish school, I won’t be able to find a good job.  And if I did not have a good job, I won’t be able to help provide for my family’s daily needs.  I am the eldest of four in the family.  In the Filipino tradition, the eldest child looks after his or her younger siblings and is also responsible for the welfare of the whole family besides the parents.

Came from a family who lived in poverty, I motivated myself to pursue my studies and dreamed of someday I will be able to help my parents provide for the family.  I won’t forget those times when I had to go to school wearing a pair of overly beaten shoes – mid-sole cracked with an old pair of white-turned-beige socks – with 2 pesos in my pocket for recess.  In the province, it’s a whole-day class and we had to go home for lunch (some students had packed lunch) and come back at 1 P.M. for the afternoon classes.

On Saturdays, I work in one of the grocery stores in the market in town as extra helper.  If grocery  stores have enough helpers, I work as a dishwasher in a small canteen at the market.  And when there’s no available spot in the canteen, my friend and neighbor will take me with him to work for an elementary teacher as a weekend helper at her house – doing the dishes, laundry, grating cassava for cassava cakes she makes to sell in school, tidying up clothes and ironing – in short, weekend housemaid.  Earning 30 Pesos (less than a dollar of today’s conversion) for the whole day’s work in the grocery store or in a canteen or at the teacher’s house, I can buy a sachet of toothpaste, a small bar of bath soap, two sachets of shampoo, and a few school supplies.  The rest I had to share with my sister who is in grade school at that time.  My father’s earnings as a pedicab driver will provide for the food on the table.  We did not have electricity and water supply.  We had to do our laundry and bathing in the river.

It was a difficult life with lots of challenges.  But with the help of prayers, hard work, and God’s guidance, my family and I are helping one another to overcome them.

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