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It Was A Fun New Year’s Celebration For The Three Of Us ( Momimhar posted on January 6th, 2014 )

Happy New Year’s to everyone!  I hope y’all had a wonderful and safe celebration welcoming the new year 2014.

As for me, we had a great celebration.  My dear husband made some Mexican soup and bought some fireworks to shoot on New Year’s Eve.  Despite of the cold temperature, we shoot fireworks.  My darling daughter was very excited about shooting fireworks.  She didn’t like the loud ones though.  We lit a few sparklers and we had fun.  Her daddy was keeping an eye on her and and we were supervising the activity very well for everybody’s safety.




Dinner before shooting fireworks.

Lighting sparklers with daddy.

Lighting sparklers with daddy.


Kids’ Safety In the Pool ( Momimhar posted on June 23rd, 2013 )

We had fun time yesterday at the pool with DD’s aunt and uncle.  Well, only the three got into the water because I wasn’t feeling good yesterday.  Besides swimming, my Darling Daughter (DD) liked playing with the beach ball.  For some reason, I did not think of taking toddler floaties with us.  My little girl could have swam, floated, and splashed the water by herself.

Speaking of swimming, I am thinking of enrolling my little girl to a swimming lesson again this year to keep her swimming interest going.  She did a good job last year even though she would not want to let go of either me or daddy when it was time for us to start the routine.

Today, I noticed when they were in the pool, DD still hangs on to them.  I knew she wanted to stand at the bottom but the depth is 3 to 4 feet.  That is why she clings to us because she is afraid sink.  ‘Glad that the nephew stopped by and brought a swimming vest with floaties attached to it.  It is very important for young children to wear floaties or life vest while swimming in the pool.  And grown up supervision is highly advisable to kids’ safety in the water.  My daughter didn’t like the vest though.  She wasn’t comfortable wearing it.  Maybe because she couldn’t swim and splash properly.  But her aunt and uncle kept her company in the pool.  That’s the sweetest thing.

Summer Outdoor Water Toys For Kids ( Momimhar posted on May 28th, 2013 )

Summer fun is now starting.  And if you are planning to visit a Water Park or go to the beach this year, always take sunscreen to protect you and your little ones from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Because of the high temperatures, don’t leave your child in the car to prevent suffocation from the heat.  Always keep in mind that child safety as well as the family’s is very important any time of year.

But if you are done with Water Parks and the beach and you want to have something to entertain your children outdoors during summer time, here are summer outdoor water toys that your kids will totally have fun with.

Sprinklers – What I mean is the water sprinklers you can put in the yard so your kids will just giggle and splash as water sprinkles toward them.

I tried using the garden water sprinkler one day and my darling daughter couldn’t stop playing in the water pretending that it’s going after her.

Inflatable pool – For young children ages 18 months to 5 years old, an inflatable swimming pool is ideal outdoors.

I have one for my darling daughter but wasn’t impressed with the inflatable pool the first time she got in it.  Later, she would look for it after she’s done with the water sprinkler.

Water Splash Play Table – This is fun for toddlers.  Some of these include little toys that they can play while splashing in the water.

I got a Splash Play Table for my little girl a year ago and she really liked it.  In fact, she gets on top of the table and says “I’m gonna swim here, mommy.”

Water Slides – When I saw a photo of this water slide in the paper, I thought it would be so much fun in the yard.  My suggestion is to buy this for older kids ages 5 and above.

Always remember that, whatever activity you and your kids do outdoors, proper adult supervision should be imposed.  So what outdoor water toy do you think your children enjoy the most?

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A “Must Have” For Kids’ Safety Outdoors ( Momimhar posted on May 28th, 2013 )

Parents across the globe worry about the safety of their children.  After all, isn’t a parent’s primary job to care for and protect their child?  Unfortunately, while a parent can try their best to protect a child, sometimes accidents occur and children get injured.  While not all accidents are stoppable, most parents do their best to keep children safe.  From teaching a child to look both ways before crossing the street to making sure a child is in a car seat, outdoor safety is a huge issue of concern for parents.

One of the biggest concerns many parents have is that a child might get behind a vehicle that is backing up.  Since young children are so small, many drivers are unable to see if a child is right behind the car until it is too late.  Fortunately, there is now the option to get backup sensors for cars. has backup sensors for cars that anyone can use. These are a “must have” for any parent of young children.

Not only should parents have these, but anyone who lives in a neighborhood with young children, as well.  A backup sensor means that parents won’t have to worry as much about the possibility of a child being injured by a moving vehicle.  Instead, parents can rest safe knowing that the driver will know if a child accidentally wanders behind a car.

Kids Enjoy Picnics At The Park ( Momimhar posted on May 8th, 2013 )

My darling daughter and I went to join a picnic with friends at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas this afternoon.  It was a wonderful breezy sunny day to have a picnic.  Though it was a quick invite, we were able to go.

My daughter had a great time at the park.  Even before we started eating lunch, the playground caught her attention.  She was bugging me about it.


The park has a big playground. Kids enjoyed climbing, swinging, sliding, and running around.

But before we head to the park, we stopped at a grocery store to buy some drinks for everyone.  Did I mention that my toddler girl has started to have an appetite with ice cream?  And so, I bought a couple of boxes of ice cream pops.  She enjoys those things.


Me and darling daughter at the park.

We had a great lunch.  Thanks to my girl friends who brought Filipino foods to share with.  I also packed lunch and snacks for my darling daughter.  I always do it whenever we go travel around.  She likes snacking.  Also, I avoid buying from fast food.  I don’t want spend too much.  It is better to pack snacks or lunch for your kids wherever you go.  You’ll never know what they might ask while you are traveling.

And for the safety of your kids in the park, don’t let them go to the playground by themselves.  Keep an eye on them and go with them if they want to play in the playground.  Remember that there are also strangers around in the park.  So don’t be careless.  In warm weather like this, it’s great to put sunscreen on your kids’ and your skin to avoid sunburn.  Always let them drink water or their favorite juice for hydration.  And keep a hand sanitizer handy in your handbag.


Little Ms. Nosy. She was trying to comfort the crying little girl.


She likes climbing up and down the stairs.


Saw a dinosaur skeleton. Of course, never ending questions.


This photo is one of the best, I think. It’s my favorite action photo. These two little girls were playing with the ball they found in the park.


Tired, me and the girls walked back to our shady spot under the tree and had a cool and refreshing snacks and drinks.

Parks are one of the best places to take your kids for a picnic or for play this season.  They love the outdoors as much as we do.  It’s great having fun and and bonding with your kids, family, and friends in the parks without spending much money.

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