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Canceled Trip To The Pumpkin Patch ( Momimhar posted on October 12th, 2013 )

Well, the scheduled trip to the pumpkin patch today was canceled due to a sudden drop of temperature and thunderstorm.  My cousin Emz and her kids were supposed to go with DD and me to the pumpkin patch.  We agreed not to go because at about eleven o’clock in them morning, it started to rain.

So dear husband said we just have to go eat lunch at Golden Corral buffet and buy new jeans at Academy.  That’s his favorite clothing store.  While getting ready, I noticed he was only wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a polo shirt.  Me and DD were in our jackets and long pants.  I asked DH to wear some jeans and a jacket because it’s getting cold outside.  He said, “I’ll be okay.”  Fine.

In the car he noticed there’s only two bars left in on the fuel indicator.  So we went ahead and gassed up the car before driving all the way to McKinney.  It was so gloomy and breezy with showers.  When he got out of the car, he was surprised how cold it was.  I knew from the expression of his face that he wasn’t comfortable.  So after the gas station, we drove back to the house and he changed outfit.

We were very hungry when we got to McKinney.  Gladly, Golden Corral is a buffet restaurant that we just have to pay, grab food, and eat immediately.  Darling daughter enjoyed her favorite veggies:  broccoli, carrots, and corn.    After a big lunch, next was shopping galore for jeans at Academy.  He spent his birthday gift cards today.

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At The Park With Cousins ( Momimhar posted on June 5th, 2013 )

The little one and I are in Tyler right now with the folks.  We came over for a visit with them and cousins too.  She said she’s missing her cousins.  I asked her, “Who are your cousins?”  And she named them all.  So surprising that at two, my darling daughter is good in remembering names.  I guess it’s part of the kids’ brain development and I am happy that my little girl is developing really well.  The milestones are achieved just right.

Before heading to my sister-in-law’s house in Whitehouse, we stopped by at the folks’.  The plan of today’s visit was to go to my sister-in-law’s house and spend the night then we will spend the night at the grandparents’ house on Thursday.  But she will be having a job interview tomorrow morning so we’ll sleep over at Na-na and Paw-Paw’s house for two nights.

As soon as we arrived and parked by the sidewalk, the cousins ran toward us bringing the bags of little gifts for the little princess.  The little one was so happy to see them, too.  After playing for a while and eating a delicious meal (thanks to SIL for the yummy lasagna, garlic bread, and salad), my SIL and I agreed to take the kids to the City Park playground.  We thought the temperature would be little cool but the humidity is high so it’s still hot.  The kids and us had fun.


Kaye’s so happy to be with cousins.



A blossom from the huge Magnolia tree in the park.

We had a great time!  The kids still wanted to play but it was time to go home.  I was amazed with the huge tree in the park blooming a bunch of big white flowers all over it.  I asked my SIL what’s the name of the tree.  She said it’s Magnolia.  And the flowers smell so fragrant.  So she got me a couple of flowers from the tree.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos because my cellphone’s battery was drained and SIL didn’t bring hers.

Friends And Moms Get-Together Picnic ( Momimhar posted on June 1st, 2013 )

Again, my girl friends and I had a Moms Picnic and get-together at the park this afternoon.  It was a Hawaiian Theme picnic we dressed up in a flowery and colorful outfit.  It was my first time to be in this park although it’s only 15 minutes drive from my house.  There is a splash area for kids to play and get wet on.  There is also a small pond a little bit down hill so feeding ducks is possible.  Bike trails are also available for those who enjoy biking in the area.  My friend also said that several concerts are held in the park occasionally.

I got there a little late because I almost forgot about food that I have to bring and share with everybody.  I baked chicken breast with mixed vegetables in garlic herb mix.  I did not bring DD with me because she was already napping when I was getting ready.

As usual,  when mommies get together, there are lots of food to eat.  After the early dinner, we started a few games for the kids and us, too.  It was really fun because after the young ones splashed and ran their bikes, they got to play the games first.


The young ones playing the sack race game.


The splash area.


The pond and bike trails.


The kids playing tug-of-war.


Playing limbo rock. That’s me doing the limbo. My back hurts after. 😀


Race with our two feet stuck together. The pair on the left won!

It was a wonderful picnic day at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall.  And a wonderful time together with friends and other moms.

Kids Enjoy Picnics At The Park ( Momimhar posted on May 8th, 2013 )

My darling daughter and I went to join a picnic with friends at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas this afternoon.  It was a wonderful breezy sunny day to have a picnic.  Though it was a quick invite, we were able to go.

My daughter had a great time at the park.  Even before we started eating lunch, the playground caught her attention.  She was bugging me about it.


The park has a big playground. Kids enjoyed climbing, swinging, sliding, and running around.

But before we head to the park, we stopped at a grocery store to buy some drinks for everyone.  Did I mention that my toddler girl has started to have an appetite with ice cream?  And so, I bought a couple of boxes of ice cream pops.  She enjoys those things.


Me and darling daughter at the park.

We had a great lunch.  Thanks to my girl friends who brought Filipino foods to share with.  I also packed lunch and snacks for my darling daughter.  I always do it whenever we go travel around.  She likes snacking.  Also, I avoid buying from fast food.  I don’t want spend too much.  It is better to pack snacks or lunch for your kids wherever you go.  You’ll never know what they might ask while you are traveling.

And for the safety of your kids in the park, don’t let them go to the playground by themselves.  Keep an eye on them and go with them if they want to play in the playground.  Remember that there are also strangers around in the park.  So don’t be careless.  In warm weather like this, it’s great to put sunscreen on your kids’ and your skin to avoid sunburn.  Always let them drink water or their favorite juice for hydration.  And keep a hand sanitizer handy in your handbag.


Little Ms. Nosy. She was trying to comfort the crying little girl.


She likes climbing up and down the stairs.


Saw a dinosaur skeleton. Of course, never ending questions.


This photo is one of the best, I think. It’s my favorite action photo. These two little girls were playing with the ball they found in the park.


Tired, me and the girls walked back to our shady spot under the tree and had a cool and refreshing snacks and drinks.

Parks are one of the best places to take your kids for a picnic or for play this season.  They love the outdoors as much as we do.  It’s great having fun and and bonding with your kids, family, and friends in the parks without spending much money.

Daddy Went To Story Time With Us ( Momimhar posted on April 23rd, 2013 )

Daddy came with us to the Toddler Story Time at the library Friday morning.  We had a few errands lined up to accomplish that day but I asked him to go with us since we’re all going to town.  And so my husband drove us to the library early because tickets to the Toddler Story Time go out quickly on Fridays.  I though I won’t be able to get three tickets.  But the librarian was very kind.

Because we were 15 minutes early (Story Time starts at 11:30 A.M.), my darling husband went to the bank and gassed up the car.  And he came back just in time for us to get in the room.  He settled himself in the back seats while our little princess and I were sat down on the carpet in the middle of the room.  Kids and parents began participating with the opening song.  The program for Toddler Story Time interests the young children because there’s singing, colors and shapes introduction, puppet show, and dancing.  Also, there’s a puppet show this Friday and I was very glad that my darling husband was able to witness the activities.

My darling husband thought it was a very neat program for young kids.  He said he is very proud of me and baby girl.  She is really interested in reading books and getting social with other kids, too.

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