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Toddler Separation Anxiety ( Momimhar posted on February 17th, 2012 )

Baby loves being with her grandparents especially with her grandma.  As soon as we arrived at my parents-in-law’s house, my little girl was always with her Na-na the rest of the night.

My toddler has a separation anxiety now and it is getting stronger.  They say that it is normal in toddler phase.  Sometimes I get aggravated because she gets very clingy at times.  I cannot say that I am spoiling her with too much attention.  Because whenever it is our play time or reading time, my daughter loves it.  We enjoy every moment of our bonding time.  Of course she’s used to it that is why she wants us to play all the time, I think.  She loves her grandma too.  Whenever Na-na goes to the kitchen, my daughter runs over there and find her.  She doesn’t want Na-na out of sight.

Well, we will be at grandma and granpa’s house for the weekend.  So baby can spend fun time with them, as well as a nice relaxation for us too.

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