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Started Tummy Time At Four Months ( Momimhar posted on May 1st, 2013 )

My new niece is 4 months old already.  Oh how fast time flies.  My sister-in-law gives me updates thru text messages and photos on Facebook.  My niece can roll over now but cannot hold her head up very long yet.  That’s good that she’s up-to-date with her milestones.  My sister-in-law said she’s giving her rice cereal now.  But she is still breastfeeding the baby.  My mom said baby E doesn’t like the feeding bottle.

I remember when my little girl was a newborn.  She started rolling over at three months.  And at 4 months, I started giving her tummy time.  Tummy time helps strengthen babies’ chest, back, and neck.  The newborn musical play gym and infant activity play mat helped enhance her motor skills fast.  She reaches, grabs, and feel the toys in the play gym.  That moment I told myself, I should be ready for my child’s curiosity.  I missed her newborn moments.  But now I am enjoying her toddler stage.

Babies grow very fast.  I told my sister-in-law to keep memory of the milestones of baby E by taking photos or videos whenever she gets a chance.  Also, I shared with her articles on how to care for her newborn so baby will stay healthy.  And I wish I was there to help my sister-in-law care for baby E.

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Encouraging Your Child Into Good Reading Habits ( Momimhar posted on January 18th, 2013 )

We parents should teach our children good reading habits.  Meaning, we should encourage them to be come a wide reader.  From simple ABCs to textbooks, kids should be taught about the value of reading.

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If a child learns how to read in an early age, like preschool age, he/she has the big advantage to learning fast in school.  Comprehension will be easy that will lead to becoming a smart kid.  That is why reading to your children when they are young is highly recommended.  One of the best ways to get your kids interested with books is to take them to the library at least once a week.  This way, they can can explore the library where tons of educational books can be borrowed.  A very good routine has to be followed at home to maintain the interest.

As for me, I learned that babies develop their hearing first in the mother’s womb.  So it’s recommended to read storybooks to the babies whenever moms get the chance.  It is really amazing how they already recognize the mother and the father’s voices.

I started taking my baby girl to the library when she was an infant.  There’s a public library in town where kids’ activity like Toddler Story Time really helps young children interact and get interested in reading books.  My daughter loves going to the Story Time at the library.  She always look forward to Fridays.

I  think that in everything we do, it takes a lot of patience especially when it comes to child’s learning.  And if we do it with love and care, we’ll raise a happy smart child.

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Gift Ideas For Toddlers ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

It was my darling daughter’s 2nd birthday yesterday.  The celebration was very simple.  We just had a small dinner at home with family.  Her grandparents came over during the day but did not stay for the night.  They brought a very big birthday present.  And my child really liked it.  My husband and I really appreciate everybody, especially his parents, for coming to celebrate with us.

One thing that the grandparents picked this birthday present for their granddaughter is that, it’s a pretend toy.  Kids in toddler stage has strong imaginations that they begin pretend play.  For toddler girls, here the three special gift items to consider.

Kitchen Set – Great for pretend play like house or restaurant…cooking, baking, frying, dish washing, etc.


Grandpa and grandma gave her a kitchen set.  There’s a microwave oven, conventional oven, dishwasher, and fridge.  There’s a stove, sink, and organizer on top.  Included also are pots and pans, oven toaster, utensils, and some grocery items.  Whenever my daughter is having a quiet time, she plays with her kitchen in the bedroom.

Cozy Coup Car – This is a toy car recommended for toddlers to use outdoors.  It’s push or pull type of coup.


I bought this cozy coupe car for my toddler last year and boy, she loved riding this red car.  When it was new, she wanted it inside the house and ride.  And whenever we’re outside, she likes to stroll around the house with it.  What’s cute is that she will stop and stand beside the car and open the white cap on the side.  She sticks her index finger in the hole.  She pretends that she is putting gasoline in the car.

Pop-up story books and educational books – These are good presents for toddlers since they are getting more acquainted with colorful pictures.  Pop-up storybooks are great because the pages show 3-D pictures in the books.  Counting books are interesting for toddlers because at this stage, they can recognize numbers and might be counting from 1-20 like my daughter does.  Exposing young kids to reading will give them the ability to learn early and fast.

My daughter is 2, and she loves to play and read story books.  I am glad that she enjoys these things.

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Tantrums ( Momimhar posted on November 21st, 2012 )

My darling daughter gets upset when she cannot get what she wants.  I guess terrible twos is in the corner.  She cries loudly and screams.  My husband and I are trying to do our best to eliminate her tantrums by giving something that will entertain her.  But it is getting difficult everyday as she is getting very aware of what’s around her.  She is very persistent.

We are traveling international in three weeks and I am worried about my little girl’s having tantrums on the plane.  We bought lots of stickers for her to play with.  Lack of sleep is probably expected.  We hope and pray that my daughter won’t get sick because the weather back home is unpredictable – very humid and warm too.  We are excited to be home again especially during the Holidays.

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A Pregnancy Guide That Helps ( Momimhar posted on November 15th, 2012 )

When I was done editing the new set of pictures to be sent to my family thru email, I looked at infant photos of my darling daughter.  It really touched my heart seeing her newborn and infant photos where I captured every milestones.

I also looked at my photos when I was pregnant.  The first trimester was not that hard for me.  I did not get morning sickness like some pregnant women get all the time.  Well, maybe I had nausea for a day or two but that was it.  Besides doctor’s advice and recommendations plus family and friends’ inspiring help, I had What To Expect When You’re Expecting book – a pregnancy guide book that helps expectant mothers along pregnancy.  This book has helpful guides in every chapter as what pregnant women have to deal with during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a delicate situation.  And expectant mothers have to take care of themselves.  The book also have suggestions on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  I had complications when I was pregnant.  Reading the pregnancy guide book has helped me understand how a woman’s body goes thru a lot of changes during pregnancy.  And these changes sometimes lead to complications and depression.  To me, a well-guided pregnancy and strong support system (family and friends) can prevent depression.  What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a book that I highly recommend as reading material to expectant mothers out there.  And that includes my sister-in-law, Jennifer. 🙂

Oh how time flies by so fast.  My daughter is turning two.  My newborn is now a toddler and growing fast and smart.  So proud of her.

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