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Kindergarten Homework One: Coloring The Objects That Start With The Letter N ( Momimhar posted on October 5th, 2016 )

Activity Sheets - Homework

Activity Sheets – Homework

Happy October.  How’s everyone?  Are you ready for cooler weather? I bet you are.

How’s school going? How’s your students?  Mine has a homework.  🙂 Her first homework for the school year.  It’s coloring the objects that start with the letter N.  And it’s due tomorrow. My darling daughter said she’s having fun at school so far.  As a Kindergartner, she’s new to some things in school especially homework.  She’s enthusiastic in doing though.  That’s good.  I’d like her to be diligent in doing stuff like that.  Learning is fun and shouldn’t be stressful to young children.

Though she is very interested in Science and Nature, I want her to learn a lot in Mathematics and Writing.

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