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October Birthdays And Fall Special Events ( Momimhar posted on October 5th, 2015 )

“Happy birthday, daddy!” K greeted her daddy yesterday morning.  It’s his birthday!  I didn’t make special supper because I was planning to take us to a nice dinner to town.  But my dear husband wasn’t feeling good.  He is stressed on something very very important.  Not work-related stress though.  His work is awesome.  It’s something about the IRS report.  Our financial adviser said there is nothing to worry about. He is going to send us documents so everything will be properly addressed.

As for the birthday celebration, the folks are planning to come over this Saturday and stay over the weekend. Darling daughter is missing her grandparents so it would be fun to have them over.  I am not sure if my brother-in-law and his wife will be joining us celebrate this weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be wonderful so we can take K to the pumpkin patch in Rockwall on Saturday.  Haven’t been in one since I got here in the US.  🙂 Silly huh?  I want K to see a pumpkin patch, too.

There are a few activities and events listed in my Fall calendar this year that we are celebrating and would like to go and see.

  • Hubby’s birthday
  • Dad’s birthday
  • National Night Out
  • Duck Regatta
  • State Fair of Texas
  • Rose Festival (Tyler, TX)
  • Halloween Party
  • Glow Run/Fun Run
  • Thanksgiving Day

But first, we have to get hubby’s birthday celebration done.  Then K and I will be out and about.

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