Simple Party Games Toddlers Will Enjoy ( Momimhar posted on September 15th, 2015 )


K’s cousin Lexi turned 3 few weeks ago.  We were very excited to celebrate Lexi’s birthday because K and I have planned some party games for them to play.  It wasn’t a big party.  It was just me, K, and my cousin’s family of 4.

We were supposed to gather my cousin’s house on Lexi’s birthday weekend but our schedules didn’t meet. Lexi didn’t want to slice her birthday cake because she wanted to share it with K.  I was touched by her sweetness because she thought of her cousin.

So below are the party games that K and I have planned for the special occasion.

Birthday Party Games

Freeze Dance  – All children who can dance can participate in this fun game.

Knock Down The Duck – It doesn’t have to be a rubber duck, actually.  Any medium-sized toy that can stand alone be used in this game.  If you have a toy bow and arrow available, this game is super fun to play.  Whoever knocks down the rubber duck from a certain distance wins.

Bring Me (name a color)– This game helps the kids to be alert and exercises their brain to think fast.  For example, you say “Bring me something green.”  The kids will go find something green and whoever brings to you the right one, wins.

Race – This is going to be an outdoor game.  If you have a backyard, this racing game is great.  For toddlers, getting them lined up and let them run to the designated finish line is such a fun thing to see.  Whoever gets to the finish line first, wins.

K and I had the prizes ready.  Would you really expect the toddlers participate in the games without a lot of questions? I mean, they’re only interested with the prizes no matter what.  🙂

Remember:  Adult supervision is highly recommended and needed in every party games that kids play.  Everyone’s safety is the top concern in every gathering or party.

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