Birthday Presents ( Momimhar posted on December 15th, 2014 )

Na-na calling to wish DD a happy birthday.

Na-na calling to wish DD a happy birthday.

It was a chilly day Saturday but we had a wonderful day spending it with my sister-in-law’s family as we celebrated my darling daughter’s birthday.  We came over to her house for a visit.  She surprised us with a little birthday party for DD at her house.  Thanks for the birthday balloons that she and her husband provided.  My little one was very happy.

Na-na and my dear husband weren’t able to join us at the birthday party because they were both not feeling well.  So only me and DD traveled to her aunt’s house and Paw-Paw came over to join us there.  DD’s cousins were so excited and glad that she celebrated her birthday with them and we got to spend the night at their house. Oh how they played and played.  Just having fun.  Paw-Paw took a video of DD while she was blowing her candles because Na-na wanted to see how the party went.  And she was very surprised that a little pony toy figure (from My Little Pony) was on top of her birthday cake.  It was Rarity!  She’s collecting those My Little Pony figures and finally she has one now.

Besides blowing the candles, opening presents is DD’s favorite.  Most kids do, don’t you think?  She received the toys and things she has been really really wished for and fascinated with.  She also received some cute toddler clothes and greeting cards.

Toddler Frozen dolls - Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

Toddler Frozen dolls – Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

How to train your dragon movie

How To Train Your Dragon movie DVD.  My daughter was so happy to get this for her own that she said, “Wow, I have this for my own forever and it doesn’t have a library sticker on it.”

Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos

My Little Pony - Rarity

My Little Pony – Rarity

I highly appreciated the party that her aunt organized.  It was so sweet and my daughter had a great time with them.

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