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Last Minute Shopping For Halloween Outfit ( Momimhar posted on November 3rd, 2014 )

Oh wow! It’s already November again. Happy belated Halloween everyone. I got very busy last few days. My darling daughter and I went to the Boo on Ballard 2014 in Wylie, Texas Thursday of last week.  I didn’t get to take photos because my cellphone was low battery.  And we got there an hour before the event was over at 8:00 P.M.  In addition, I had a hard time finding a parking spot because the parking lot in Downtown Wylie was very full.  Good thing somebody was leaving so I quickly took his place.

We didn’t have theme costume for Halloween this year.  I was thinking of wearing something from a fairytale character like a fairy because my little one liked to wear Princess Aurora gown at first.  But she changed her mind.  She wanted to wear the wolf mask that we bought from Walmart last month.  Few weeks before the Boo on Ballard event and the trick or treat evening, I asked her a few times what she wanted to wear on Halloween.  She insisted to wear the wolf mask.  So I had to look for a dark gray toddler outfit.  I thought of a gray pants and a pull-over jacket.  As soon as I got off work one evening, my darling daughter and I went to a department store to look and buy an outfit for her.  Luckily I saw a pair of dark gray toddler pull-over and pants set.  And I found her size too!  They were perfect match for my DD’s wolf mask.

DD in her wolf mask.

DD in her wolf mask.

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