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Our Visit To Ham Orchards On Memorial Day 2014 ( Momimhar posted on May 26th, 2014 )

At Ham Orchards.

My family and me at Ham Orchards.

At the blackberries patch.

At the blackberries patch.

It was a pretty day to go out and travel so my family and I went to Terrell, Texas to visit Ham Orchards.  My dear husband mentioned to me before that they have a very delicious homemade peach ice cream.  When we got there, we entered the store and bought the peach ice cream.  Surely it was very good and tasted so fresh.  My darling daughter loves ice cream.  She liked peach ice cream, too.  The problem was, they’re giving a big serving and my DD wasn’t able to finish hers so I did it.  I was so full.

The peach ice cream.

The peach ice cream.

I got on this ride because DD said she's afraid of heights. :)

I got on this ride because DD said she’s afraid of heights. 🙂

Our jumping bean at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Our jumping bean at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

"Follow me for free tickets." - Chuck

“Follow me for free tickets.” – Chuck


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