Let’s Play Dollhouse ( Momimhar posted on May 21st, 2014 )

Doll house.

Toy Hunt:  Dollhouse

As soon as I saw this doll house at an online garage sale group on Facebook, I thought DD would really like it.  The seller was asking $30 for the dollhouse.  I tried bargaining for $15 and the seller accepted my offer.  It’s a Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse which retails more or less $100 brand new.  Even though there were no accessories included, and for $15, it isn’t bad at all.  The dollhouse is still in great shape.

My darling daughter was with me when I picked up the dollhouse from the seller’s house.  And she already saw the toy at the seller’s front porch.  “I want it,” she said.  As soon as we got home, DD wanted to play dollhouse immediately.  She has little dolls and other character figures.  She also has a collection of Disney Princess’s little figures.  Oh, she loves the dollhouse.

Now that DD is a toddler, she needs to play toddler toys that will help enhance engagement and thinking ability.  When playing dollhouse she gets to pretend, think, plan, and act.  We get to play dollhouse at least once a day.  We only skip when I take her to a play date or when we go visit her grandparents.  She even asks her daddy to play dollhouse.  🙂

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