We Will Miss You Grandpa…Always ( Momimhar posted on May 5th, 2014 )

Me and the rest of my side of the family is in deep sorrow right now because of the passing of my grandpa.  He was suddenly admitted to the hospital Friday.  He had difficulty in breathing and was running a fever.  We lost him early morning Monday.

There was an eerie feeling and unexplainable silence.  It’s always been quiet around here but the past few days were different.  I placed a long distance call to my mom on Saturday using my smartphone.  Gladly the connection was clear and I was able to talk to her immediately.  She was at the hospital with my aunt watching over their father, my grandpa.  My aunt was crying.  She said she’s feeling so terribly sad looking at grandpa lying in the hospital bed with oxygen and monitoring devices attached to him.  They were anxious to hear from the doctors.  After a few more minutes of conversation, I hung up.

I was praying for my grandpa that He will let him live a few more years.  I know he’s old and his health was declining.  But I guess it was time.  Still I am thankful that my DD had the chance to meet him.  Her great grandfather.  We will miss my grandpa…always.

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