Spring Time Is Great Time To Go To The Zoo ( Momimhar posted on April 12th, 2014 )

Greeting cards, tulips, and an orchid for our 6th wedding anniversary.

Greeting cards, tulips, and an orchid for our 6th wedding anniversary.

It’s my 6th wedding anniversary to my beloved dear husband.  We are going on a trip taking our little one to the zoo tomorrow.  I hope the weather would be very nice and sunny.  Spring time is the great time to go to the zoo.  Our darling daughter is already excited.  The last time we were there wasn’t enjoyable because she was constipated.  We felt bad about that.  Anyway, hopefully this would be a great time for her.  She loves seeing the animals at the zoo.

Kids really enjoy seeing the animals at the zoo.  It is the best place to see the animals in person and the kids can experience how they look like, the sound they make, and their sizes.  The zoo is also an educational attraction for kids and for the whole family.

As for me and my dear husband, he took me and DD to a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

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  1. natosha says:

    So true the zoo is a great place for children to learn new things and about life as well. Great post, by the way happy anniversary.
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  2. Agreed! LOVE the zoo in the spring!
    Marcie Robinson recently posted…Nursery Design: The Urban DwellerMy Profile

  3. Henry's Mom says:

    Sounds like a great plan.
    Henry’s Mom recently posted…My mad dash to Henry’s graduationMy Profile

  4. My son loves to go to the zoo. And I enjoy it with him while he still is small enough to have simple fun like that.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you guys even though I am a bit late. Awe! We are thinking of going to the zoo too. We all enjoy going to the zoo and not just the kids. It is fun to see the animals and every time you visit, you see different animals that you have never seen before. 😉 Last time we visited a zoo was summer time so we are due for another visit. Hope you had a great time!

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