Do Big Birthday Parties Not Appealing To Teens Anymore? ( Momimhar posted on March 30th, 2014 )

The birthday celebration of my girl friend’s son was a success.  It’s been a while since we have been to her house.  I the last time we were there was at the Halloween Party.  Uh, I wasn’t even sure. 🙂

My darling daughter had a great time playing with the other guests’ kids.  There’s a play set in their backyard that has swing, slide, and a house that were put together.  As soon as we arrived and greeted the host and some guests, DD went straight to backyard and got on the swing.


It wasn’t a themed birthday party.  It was just simple yet big.  I mean simple because the only decoration was one “Happy Birthday” balloon.  Big, because there so many guests and most of them  are grown ups. 😀 The celebrant turned 13 years old so I guess he didn’t like the thought of having this fancy theme decoration.

As parents, we notice that as kids gets older their interest in having big birthday celebration declines.  Especially when they are approaching their teens.  It seems like some teens don’t find big birthday parties appealing anymore.  Anyway, special occasions like birthdays are worth celebrating no matter how big or small the celebration is.

There’s lots of food at the party this afternoon. The main attraction was the whole roasted pig she ordered from someone in Tyler (Texas).

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  1. Tingting R. says:

    My daughter will be turning 13 in November, and she is already planning for her big birthday party. It will be just in our house. Hopefully, it will push through.
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  2. When my kids started going to school, I stopped doing parties at home. We bring snacks at school for my son’s birthday but for our daughter whose birthday is on summer break, we always go for a road trip.
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  3. Kay M says:

    We usually have ‘family’ birthday parties now that the boys are older. Since we have a big family, it’s basically just a huge get-together, although, occasionally we’ll do it at iT’Z or Celebration Station.
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  4. Rebecca Lambert says:

    I think most teens still enjoy birthday parties……my daughters are 14 and 15 and I know they still do.

  5. My older 2 are 12 and 13. The oldest does not care for birthday parties and would rather just go somewhere like lazer tag or paintball. The 12 yr old thought loves to be the center of attention and enjoys having everyone around for his birthday. They can be so alike but so different!
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  6. cindy b says:

    Lol I would’ve loved this as a teenager but I realize alot dont! lol
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  7. Sounds like the birthday girl didn’t have much decorations, but had lots of family and friends.
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  8. Lois Jones says:

    It’s tough as kids get older trying to figure out what they will like and not like. I went through that with my tow grown boys. It got easier though!
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  9. My girls don’t plan birthday parties anymore. They are 10 and 11 and all they want is a field trip, outing, or a playdate with a special friend. I think it really depends on the values we instill in them, because at Christmas, they don’t have a list of presents they want, but a list of activities they want to do instead. And I think boys are different, too. They usually care about relationships more than decorations. 🙂
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  10. Well, when you turn 13 things are different anymore and you are in your teenage years. Those fun, cutesy decors no longer work for you especially for boys at that age. Well, at least that’s what I think. But sounds like a great party though.

  11. My son is turning 10 tomorrow. We’re having a birthday party on Friday but he’s just having some friends over with cake and pizza. He didn’t want anything fancy with a theme. That’s for kids according to him.
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