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Outdoor Activities That Your Toddlers May Enjoy ( Momimhar posted on March 10th, 2014 )

Climbing on the tree.  :)

Climbing on the tree. 🙂

Winter season is not that much fun for us especially for my toddler because we cannot go outside to play.  We cannot play at the playground either because of the very cold weather.  I only take her to the play area in the mall once a week to have some play time and social interaction with other kids.  But if the day is clear and sunny, boy we surely have lots of fun.

When the weather gets pleasant and the temperature a little warm for us to go outside the house, we play outdoors as much as we can.  My little girl enjoys it very much.  Some of the games and activities we play outdoors are:

  • Tag –  This is her favorite game because she can run and run.
  • Hide and Seek – After playing tag, she wanted to play hide and seek.  She giggles so much when I find her.
  • Chalk Drawing (on the driveway) – I bought a box of chalk with different colors and my daughter likes drawing on the driveway.


  • Driveway Hopscotch – After chalk drawing we play driveway hopscotch.  But my darling daughter will scribble and draw inside the hopscotch after a while.
  • Jumping in puddles – We only do this outside on the driveway when the weather is really nice and warm.
  • Treasure Hunt (in the front yard) – My little girl and I just look for some things like leaves, nice stones, dandelions, etc. as we were hunting for treasures.  She really enjoys that.
  • Strolling (around the neighborhood) – DD loves riding her little tricycle.  And we go for a stroll around the neighborhood.  The only issue is that, I have to carry the tricycle halfway because she doesn’t want to ride anymore.
Spotted a road reflector.

Spotted a road reflector.

With these outdoor activities, my toddler learns how the things around her works.  She can decide and plan on what’s next.  Of course, I am always in supervision.  And safety when we are outdoors is my priority.

How about you?  What are your kids’ favorite outdoor games/activities?  The above mentioned might be enjoyable for your toddlers, too.

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