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Do Big Birthday Parties Not Appealing To Teens Anymore? ( Momimhar posted on March 30th, 2014 )

The birthday celebration of my girl friend’s son was a success.  It’s been a while since we have been to her house.  I the last time we were there was at the Halloween Party.  Uh, I wasn’t even sure. 🙂

My darling daughter had a great time playing with the other guests’ kids.  There’s a play set in their backyard that has swing, slide, and a house that were put together.  As soon as we arrived and greeted the host and some guests, DD went straight to backyard and got on the swing.


It wasn’t a themed birthday party.  It was just simple yet big.  I mean simple because the only decoration was one “Happy Birthday” balloon.  Big, because there so many guests and most of them  are grown ups. 😀 The celebrant turned 13 years old so I guess he didn’t like the thought of having this fancy theme decoration.

As parents, we notice that as kids gets older their interest in having big birthday celebration declines.  Especially when they are approaching their teens.  It seems like some teens don’t find big birthday parties appealing anymore.  Anyway, special occasions like birthdays are worth celebrating no matter how big or small the celebration is.

There’s lots of food at the party this afternoon. The main attraction was the whole roasted pig she ordered from someone in Tyler (Texas).

My Little Girl’s Organized Closet ( Momimhar posted on March 26th, 2014 )

Here is my my little girl’s closet look after a few organizations done few weeks ago.  I was so focused on cleaning out clutters and putting away unused toys in her closet.  Also, there were outgrown infant clothes, shoes, and toddler clothes that I have had took away and planning to ship home for my brother’s daughter.  She is turning 18 months old soon so these clothing is just right for her.

Below is the BEFORE and AFTER photos of the closet.  There’s nothing really special about this closet organization but, at least, I did something and made it more pleasing to the eyes.  🙂 Kids’ unorganized closet just adds to everyday chores if we don’t start getting rid of the clutters.





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Graduating From College ( Momimhar posted on March 23rd, 2014 )

In first week of April my youngest sister will be graduating in college.  She’s taking a nursing course.  Oh how time flies!  Seems like two years ago she was starting college.  Me, my husband, and everyone in our family is very proud of this huge achievement that my sister will be getting.

Len is a very determined and diligent girl.  She completed her trainings and did well in examinations.  This is one of the wonderful events in her life that is worth celebrating.  My parents are getting ready for the graduation ceremony that is going to be held in April 3rd, in God’s grace.  We were looking forward to her graduation and here it’s coming.  I wish me and my family could be there to witness and share this special occasion.  But do not enough resources to fly right now.  I am very sure they understand.

As per Len’s graduation requirements, she needs to pay the balances of her tuition fees for this last semester including the payment for the Nursing Licensure Review.  In addition, the graduating class has to pay the miscellaneous fees for the Pinning Ceremony, batch ring, and graduation ceremony.  My parents are, of course, very proud of our dear Len.

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