Dora Tent ( Momimhar posted on February 28th, 2014 )

“Thank you for making this tent, mommy.  I love it!”

It is always fun to play especially when kids’ imagination works completely that they think of something remarkable beyond what they see.  Simple things make them happy when their minds work and create a situation where they pretend to become someone whom they idolize or copy.

This Dora tent has been up for three days.  Why?  My little one doesn’t want to put it down because she still wants to play and sleep in this tent.  Actually, I let her help build it.  I wanted her to take part in activities like creating and building even in simple things so she can develop her sense of responsibility and engagement.  She was very proud of it, you know.  As soon as her daddy got home from work, she excitedly showed the tent to him.  And her dad said, “See what you can do with your imagination.  It looks nice.”

DD's Dora tent :)

DD’s Dora tent 🙂

Darling daughter and I slept on the couch (in the tent) the other night.  She seemed to be attached to it.  But it was for the tent to go down.  My daughter didn’t want to but I explained that we will put up the tent anytime.

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  1. My kids love making tents, it is so much fun especially when we are cooped up in the winter! 🙂
    Marcie Robinson recently posted…Plan a Visit to the Museum of Science and IndustryMy Profile

  2. lol! How cute! My daughter would probably enjoy us making a tent or fort too!!
    Terin Garrett recently posted…Art ShowMy Profile

  3. cococute says:

    That was resourceful and creative- I think I am going to make my niece a SpongeBob Tent when she visits us.
    cococute recently posted…Marvel vs Capcom2 Personal ReviewMy Profile

  4. So cute! Same thing with my kids, they always want to make a fort. Just like when I was little. I always love making fort under our dining table. 😉

  5. My kids are always making forts. I have six so the oldest 5 like to drag out all my clean blankets and tie them across the room and make tunnels and stuff… but they have to put the blankets back when their done!
    Zulema A Tomlinson recently posted…Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace #GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I can almost imagine her playing under there.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…RoboWorld #CarnegieScienceCenterMy Profile

  7. Haha! That one is definitely cute, I remember when I build a “bahay-bahayan” for my son, he really likes it!
    Beauty Opinionista recently posted…5 Tips to Finally Get Rid of CelluliteMy Profile

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