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Daddy Has Two Girls Now For Valentine’s Day ( Momimhar posted on February 14th, 2014 )

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I hope y’all had a great celebration.  Some you had a dinner date or a trip out of town.  I bet you had a great time.  Me and my family didn’t go anywhere except having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant just two three miles from our house.  We didn’t drive too far because we know how traffic it can be this occasion is on a Friday.  Did you receive something special from your loved ones?  Sorry for being nosy. 🙂  Whatever it is, I know it’s given to you sweetly and romantically. 🙂

My darling daughter and I went to the grocery store I think yesterday or two days ago to buy a Valentine’s card for daddy.  She loves looking and buying greeting cards.  She even wanted to buy a birthday card for her Na-na who’s birthday is coming first week of March.  So we got one, too.  This evening when daddy came home, he had flowers greeting cards, and chocolates for his girls.  🙂 DD was very excited to see and read her Valentine’s card.  It’s so cute!  She wanted to know what’s the message in my card so daddy read it to her.  She’s just a curious girl.


Now here’s DD with the Valentine’s Day card she received from her daddy.  🙂  She really a loves it.  And she couldn’t wait to eat the chocolates so she had two pieces of Hershey’s Kisses.

Pretty little Valentine's Day card for DD. :)

Pretty little Valentine’s Day card for DD. 🙂

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