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Our Visit To The Grandparents And At The Rose Garden ( Momimhar posted on November 12th, 2013 )

DD and I went to visit her grandparents last week for three days.  I drove to Tyler and back.  We spent Monday and Tuesday nights at their house.  DD always have a wonderful time with her Na-na and Paw-Paw.

The weather wasn’t bad and we were able to see the Rose Garden.  DD likes exploring.  The visit to the Rose Garden Tuesday was an enjoyable experience for her.  She got to see all kinds of roses in different sizes and colors.  She appreciated the colors and the fragrance.  What DD enjoyed the most is crossing the bridge and watching the fountain.  It brings her happiness to see the water.  And she likes walking.

Children’s moods change when they get to go outside and play and explore.  They fell happy and enthusiastic.  Their imagination grow because when they’re outdoors, they play pretend.  That is why outdoor activities are very important to kids to be able to broaden their vision with the world.  Traveling with kids once in a while is also important so they can see and experience new things.  You will be amazed how they remember them.


She loves bridges and fountains.

We had lunch at Popeye’s.  The fried chicken was really good!  We went home with full bellies and ready for a big nap.

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