How to Get the Best Deals On Your Childs Clothes ( Momimhar posted on October 16th, 2013 )

Getting the best deal on children’s clothes is easy to do if you know how to shop smart. There are several things you can do that will help you save money on kid’s clothes. Here are some ways to get the best deals on clothes for your kids.

Shop Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a great place to find children’s clothes for cheap. Since kids outgrow clothes so quickly you will want to stock up on clothes that will fit them now and clothes that will fit them in the near future. Thrift stores are good for this because they often have the cheapest prices you will be able to find. Make friends with the staff of a thrift store and ask them to let you know when new shipments of kid’s clothes come in, so you can get there while you still have a good selection.

Shop Discount Department Stores

Discount department stores usually have a kid’s section, so check them out if you had no luck at the thrift store. Many discount department stores make it possible for you to purchase higher end brands of clothes for less than those clothes would cost you somewhere else. This is perfect for parents who have a fashion conscious kid because it allows parents to let their kids dress in style without breaking their budget.

Flea Markets

If there is a flea market or yard sale near you, go see what you can get. Many people sell their kid’s clothes at flea markets and yard sales after the kids have outgrown them or just don’t like them anymore. These places can be a gold mine when it comes to stocking up on children’s clothes that are easy on your budget. This also allows you to avoid the chaos of going into a department store to shop for clothes. Flea markets and yard sales provide for a more laid back shopping experience. Sometimes you can negotiate prices with flea market vendors or individuals participating in a yard sale.

Clothing Swap

If you have friends, co-workers or neighbors that also have kids, try to set up a clothing swap. This is where people bring in kid’s clothes that aren’t wanted or needed anymore and trade those clothes with others. A clothing swap can be a fun way to interact with other parents and obtain some children’s clothing without having to spend money to do so. Just because your child doesn’t like a piece of clothing or can’t wear it doesn’t mean that someone else’s child won’t want it.

These are effective ways to get kid’s clothes and keep them stocked with the clothes they need as they grow and mature. Keeping up with new trends in kid’s clothes can help you learn where other parents shop and which stores have the best deals. Paying attention to the clothing stores you frequent can help you catch sales that you can take advantage of.

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