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Talk Like a Pirate Day! ( Momimhar posted on September 19th, 2013 )

It’s been a while since our last visit to the library.  I got quite busy with other stuff so we missed a few story times since summer arrived.  My cousin told me about an upcoming event for kids this week that involves arts and crafts activity and movie showing.  So I registered my darling daughter to join and I found out that they are having a Pirate Day.

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day event at the library.  When I told my DD about the activity, she got very excited that she kept on talking about Jake and the Neverland pirates on Disney Junior.  Then she kept asking where we going.

The event started with a movie about the Muppets at noon but we did not registered on that because I knew we won’t be able to be at the showing on time.  So I just joined the 2 P.M. activity schedule.  My cousin and her kids were already there when we arrived.  The arts and crafts of the Pirate Day include pirate hats, skull necklaces, and eye patches.


DD in her pirate hat, eye patch, and skull necklace that she maded and decorated. She really enjoyed the day!


Sooo cute!!!

My darling daughter really had fun today!  She and her cousin Audrey enjoy being together especially on events like this one.  And guess who came to visit?  It’s Capt. Jack Sparrow!


Of course, I won’t miss a photo with Captain Jack Sparrow. 🙂

Awww…I so heart Johnny Depp.  He’s my ultimate crush (foreign celebrity).  Movie time followed the arts and crafts.  I thought it was cancelled because they the closed the kids’ story time room where the activity was held.  Well, the movie showing was in the theater room across the lounge area of the library.  It’s a Peter Pan movie and it wasn’t animated which I like better because the kids will see real actors and creatures on the screen.  The cousins kept asking ‘what happen to who’ and ‘where they’re going’…sorts of stuff.

It was close to 5 P.M. when the movie was over and we were hungry.  We had a little snack and headed to the department store to buy a bridal shower gift for the next day’s party.

All in all, we had a great Pirate Day and the kids had fun!  That’s the most important.

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