Na-na’s Going On Vacation ( Momimhar posted on August 28th, 2013 )

My darling daughter told me this morning that she’s had a dream about her Na-na and Paw-Paw coming over.  She was crying because she doesn’t see them in the house.  I told her that we can call them and say ‘hi’.  Then she stopped crying.

I called my mother-in-law (MIL) this afternoon to ask if it’s okay to come visit them tomorrow and spend the night.  She said it’s bad timing because she is busy getting ready for the trip on Monday.  She, her son and his wife are flying to Asia for a getaway.  But mom said she will come over to our house on Saturday and spend the night before she heads to my brother-in-law’s house the next day.  DD surely will love the idea of having Na-na for the weekend.  In fact, she’s excited to see her.

I know mom is excited about this trip.  It’s going to be a wonderful experience, I know.  I hope they will have a very satisfactory experience at the hotel they’ll be staying in.  Getting the best customer service is the most important.  An example is knowing that the hotel has everything that guests need, which they have for sure, the stay is awesome!  Hotel Supply online gives discounts to hotels and hospitality establishments with bulk purchases.

Whenever my dear husband and I go on vacation, he always checks the Hotel Bar Supplies in our hotel suite.  I am so looking forward to our next long vacation.  In order for us to save money for travel, I have to work again.  I am feeling jealous of my friend right now who is working in Atlanta Hotel Supply store in Georgia.  Hopefully soon I can find a job and go back to work again.

And so darling daughter and I are going to be a bit busy cleaning and tidying up the house tomorrow.  I will take her to the play park in the morning first.

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