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Fun At Kids’ Play Dates ( Momimhar posted on May 17th, 2013 )

Play date with my friend’s kids.

Play dates are essential to young kids’ social and personality development.  When they are socializing and interacting with other kids, their self-confidence is enhanced as well as their ability to handle the reaction to what’s happening around them.  Kids easily meet new acquaintances in play dates, at the playground or play park, at birthday parties, or even in small gathering with friends.

My darling Kaye and I get together either with my cousin or a girl friend.  They have young children whom my little one can play with.  And whenever these kids start playing, it’s all fun, fun, fun!


My darling Kaye and little H were on a duet singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

One of the activities young children especially toddlers love to do is singing.  They have the appreciation and interest in music.  It comes to them naturally since they were infants.

On the other hand, kids have some a little misunderstandings, too.  When one grabs a toy from the other the chasing and crying start.  But we have to tell them that it’s nice to share or who’s turn to play.  It always work because they listen and understand.  After a while, they go back to playing cheerfully.

I like kids’ play dates.  It’s fun, kids enjoy, and you can build good friendship.

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