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Kids Enjoy Picnics At The Park ( Momimhar posted on May 8th, 2013 )

My darling daughter and I went to join a picnic with friends at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas this afternoon.  It was a wonderful breezy sunny day to have a picnic.  Though it was a quick invite, we were able to go.

My daughter had a great time at the park.  Even before we started eating lunch, the playground caught her attention.  She was bugging me about it.


The park has a big playground. Kids enjoyed climbing, swinging, sliding, and running around.

But before we head to the park, we stopped at a grocery store to buy some drinks for everyone.  Did I mention that my toddler girl has started to have an appetite with ice cream?  And so, I bought a couple of boxes of ice cream pops.  She enjoys those things.


Me and darling daughter at the park.

We had a great lunch.  Thanks to my girl friends who brought Filipino foods to share with.  I also packed lunch and snacks for my darling daughter.  I always do it whenever we go travel around.  She likes snacking.  Also, I avoid buying from fast food.  I don’t want spend too much.  It is better to pack snacks or lunch for your kids wherever you go.  You’ll never know what they might ask while you are traveling.

And for the safety of your kids in the park, don’t let them go to the playground by themselves.  Keep an eye on them and go with them if they want to play in the playground.  Remember that there are also strangers around in the park.  So don’t be careless.  In warm weather like this, it’s great to put sunscreen on your kids’ and your skin to avoid sunburn.  Always let them drink water or their favorite juice for hydration.  And keep a hand sanitizer handy in your handbag.


Little Ms. Nosy. She was trying to comfort the crying little girl.


She likes climbing up and down the stairs.


Saw a dinosaur skeleton. Of course, never ending questions.


This photo is one of the best, I think. It’s my favorite action photo. These two little girls were playing with the ball they found in the park.


Tired, me and the girls walked back to our shady spot under the tree and had a cool and refreshing snacks and drinks.

Parks are one of the best places to take your kids for a picnic or for play this season.  They love the outdoors as much as we do.  It’s great having fun and and bonding with your kids, family, and friends in the parks without spending much money.

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