Kaye’s First Gardening ( Momimhar posted on May 1st, 2013 )

It’s our darling daughter’s first gardening last weekend.  We went to the garden store and we bought some vegetables and flowers to plant.  My darling husband tilled the garden soil the day before the planting so the soil is soft and perfect.

I have some seeds available for planting.  Daddy let our little girl help with sticking the seeds in the soil.  She was having fun because she was looking forward to it.  She likes digging in the soil and watering the plants.


Darling daughter planting her first beans.

It was not really hot that day.  In fact, the breeze was quite chilly.  Just right temperature for planting vegetables and flowers.  In two weeks the beans will sprout and I cannot wait for them to climb on the trellis.  Actually, they’re string beans.  I am sure my little girl will be excited to see sprouts, too.  She likes eating tomatoes and we planted plenty of them this year.  Few of my darling daughter’s favorite vegetables are:




Green beans


Bok Choy


Chayotte Squash

She likes them in salads and in soups.  We only have tomatoes and beans in our garden though.  Next time we’ll have to work on planting the other veggies.  Vegetables are great for kids aside from fruits.  It helps regulate the body to prevent constipation.

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