Keeping Your Little One Busy While You Are Working Outside ( Momimhar posted on April 29th, 2013 )

Like today, we went to Home Depot for plants to put in our flower beds.  And because my husband and I worked in the yard – hubby mowed the grass and I planted the flowers – we thought of something that will make our little princess busy outside.

Blowing bubbles – I think every young child loves blowing bubbles.  My darling daughter sure does.  She enjoys it very much.  So was playing with it while my husband and I were busy.


“Look, mommy! I can blow bubbles.”

Gardening – You can give your little one a rake and a shovel.  He or she can play with them and will try to help you with the planting.  It can be fun if you give your little one a task and you’ll see how they accomplish it.  Though it might need a little fixing.  But complimenting your child for a job well done and telling him or her how you appreciate the help will boost his or her confidence and sense of responsibility.

The Wagon – Put several gardening and tools toys in your kids’ wagon to play.  Kids enjoy pulling their toy wagon around.  Surely they will have fun picking up interesting stuff to put in their wagon as they walk around the front yard.

After I finished planting and my husband done mowing, we all watered the newly planted flowers.  Then we let our little one played in the sprinkler for a few minutes then we all had a good bath.

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