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Kids Are Natural Helpers ( Momimhar posted on April 28th, 2013 )

And here’s my little helper.  As kids grow up, they are very active and curious with the things around them.  As a first time mom, I feel overwhelmed with all the things happening in my life now that I have a child.  I get frustrated when daily goals are not achieved because there’s so much to do but so little time.  And then here’s my little one trying to get into what I am doing.  Either she wants attention or wants to help.


“Mommy, let me help.”

“Mommy, let me do it.”

“Mommy, let me help you.”

These are very nice words to hear.  I know my darling daughter already knows the concept of helping.  Trying to do things like vacuuming and sweeping the floor is amusing.  But you know, I get upset sometimes because I have other stuff to do in the house then here she goes…Am I still having some baby blues?  I feel guilty.  I shouldn’t get upset.  I should understand.  That at her stage right now, she is developing her independence and everything is play.
Of course I am thankful that my husband and I are blessed with a healthy, bright child.

So when your little ones offer help.  Let them.  Just supervise and guide them.  Don’t get annoyed.  Because time flies so fast that you will miss the moments when they were little helpers.

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