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Bouncy Bounce Is Fun! ( Momimhar posted on April 27th, 2013 )

A friend’s son had a birthday party today.  He’s turned 1 and it was a big celebration attended by friends and family.  Like every 1st birthday parties, there’s games and lots of food.  The kids were entertained and they had fun.  This time, my darling daughter finally got to try playing in the Bouncy Bounce or the inflatable jumper.  When the little ones entered the bouncy, the big kids took off.  😀  Oh how they love to bounce!

At the party, I met new friends again.  And then, my girl friend whom I haven’t seen for seven months (she had a new baby) came with her two girls.  One of her girls is with Kaye here in the picture.  And you noticed they are wearing the same clothes in the picture?  That’s a coincidence.  What’s amusing is that, the grandmothers gave the clothing to them.  Ain’t that neat?


Kaye with a friend in the bouncy.


The birthday cake.


Pinata time. Kids had a hard time breaking it. 🙂


When the Pinata was broken, the kids just swarmed down to pick up the goodies. My little one stayed in the back and got some chocolates (only 3 pieces). Better than nothing. 🙂

The birthday party’s theme is Mickey Mouse.  So the party supplies and cake has Mickey Mouse on them.  The weather was nice.  Not so hot and not so cold.   Perfect for an outdoor birthday celebration.  And because it’s a 1st birthday party, we gave the birthday boy an infant outfit.

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