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Growing up, my siblings and I were fond of watching sporting events organized in our community.  My brother was active in playing basketball in school and in our neighborhood.  It’s his favorite sport.  My sisters and I liked volleyball.  We’ll my younger sister liked basketball too.  She even cheers louder than us when we watched the games before.  What I like is baseball.  I love it when players hit the ball and make home runs.  That’s always exciting!

Now that we’re grown ups, we still support our home teams.  And because my siblings love sports, we also love collecting souvenirs and other stuff.  By buying  Florida State Apparel, I know that somehow part of the sales will help support the State teams.  What I like buying for souvenirs are shirts, hats, and accessories like phone cases.  I give a few to my cousins and some friends.  My cousin is glad that he’s having this one.


Here in the US, the people are very supportive to their home States especially when it comes to sports events.  Same thing with school and university teams, too.  And if you are a Florida Seminoles fanatic, don’t miss the newest items and the cool collectibles available in store.

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