Summer Class And Training ( Momimhar posted on April 24th, 2013 )

It is summer vacation in the Philippines.   But it is a summer class for my youngest sister who is in college.  She was determined to take the summer class this year because she doesn’t want to be in the October graduating class.  So she has to enroll summer classes for the first semester’s subjects.  I am glad that my sister is very determined and diligent in schooling.  We are proud of her studying hard and keeping the good grades.

Just two months ago she and her class went to Cebu for a training in a Psychiatric Institution.  That means they dealt with patients who have mental incapacity.  It was a two-week training so my sister had to pack a medium-sized luggage that she borrowed from our sibling.  The she had to bring her laptop and few books and school supplies.  I sent her funds that I thought would make it through the two-week stay in Cebu but I received an email from her saying that the she’s getting short on the budget.  And it’s three more days until the end of the training.  Because of the time difference between the Philippines and the USA which is about 12 hours, I immediately sent funds to my sister.  Gladly, she got her allowance on time.  My sister said the training went well.  Their CI told them ahead of time to not get attached to their patients.  They did lots of brainstorming after the duties.

This summer class’ subjects, she said, are necessary for Juniors like her so she won’t get tied up with so many requirements in her Senior year.

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