School Clearance Signing ( Momimhar posted on March 17th, 2013 )

My younger sister said that closing of classes for the School Year 2012-2013 is in two days.  So my niece and nephews will be off school soon.  They cannot wait for the summer vacation.  Of course, because they love to play and have fun.

Because the kids’ clearance form will not be signed by the respective subject teachers if they don’t meet the final requirements, my sister asked me for a small assistance.  She hadn’t paid the balance for the school tuition fees yet because she doesn’t have the money.  So I sent her some that will cover the tuition fees and small expenses at school.

The process of the School Clearance signing is easy if the students respond to the school requirements immediately such as:

1.  Fully paid tuition fees and miscellaneous fees

2.  Textbooks returned on time without any damage

3.  Class and school projects on every subject matter was accomplished

4.  Fines paid

5.  Borrowed books are returned to the library

6.  …and others.

If there are students who had issues that lead them to the Guidance Counselor’s office, it’s recommended to resolve the issues before closing of classes.  I was in that situation when I was in high school.  But thanks God the issue between me and my Math teacher was resolved.  I will tell you the story in my next post.

And so, the above mentioned school requirements are based on our public school back home.  Some schools especially the private schools have broader function so the requirements list is much longer. 🙂

Hopefully my niece and nephews had good grades this year.

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