It’s Easter Egg Hunt Soon ( Momimhar posted on March 17th, 2013 )

I was invited to a birthday dinner a week ago.  I asked my husband if he can come home early Thursday night because I am not taking the little one with me.  Gladly he said yes.  And the time he reached home, I was ready to go.

At the dinner, my friends and I are were talking about planning to do an Easter Egg Hunt for our kids on Easter Sunday.  Like last year’s Easter Egg Hunt, it will be a joint event with her son’s birthday party.  The previous event was very nice because it was held at the park by the lake and the kids had great fun hunting for eggs around.  Although it was windy that day, it helped ease up the heat of the sun on our skin.

The birthday party and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids require lots of party supplies and treats.  I think the party supplies will not going to be a big of a problem because I am sure we have some of them left from the previous family parties.  We can just buy a few additional extra for future back-up.  Now for the treats.  We will be bringing plastic eggs and will put some money on selected few.  Then my friend will buy chocolates and candies from an online candy store.  We will just give her our share of the treats’ cost.  Hopefully, we’ll get a very pleasant weather on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Kim Nagel says:

    Be sure and shop Target after Easter sales. I stock up on tons of goodies like baskets and grass and plastic eggs for pennies!

  2. Easter is fun for the kids especially the egg hunting.

  3. That’s cool. I am also planning on having an Easter Egg Hunt here at the house on Easter, and invite our niece and nephew, then we have 2 extra kids that will be staying with us. I guess, I would have to buy candies now, before stores run out of it.

  4. Hoping too that the weather will cooperate, have fun on Easter!

  5. jenn says:

    excited for my 2 year old to experience easter egg hunt this year. i think he was too young last year to even enjoy it. 🙂

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