The Fish In Uncle’s Household ( Momimhar posted on February 6th, 2013 )

If I would have a pet I would like it to be a fish.  Yes, a fish.  I got this idea from my uncle’s household back home.  They had a medium-sized fish tank and in it was a kind of flowerhorn fish.  My cousins said that with regular feeding, a character or characters will be visible in the fish’s body as it grows.  Well, I did not care for that feature at all.  I thought having a fish as a pet is mostly likely interesting than of a dog or a cat.  To me a small gold fish is enough.

I got attached to caring for my cousins’ pet fish.  Whenever my aunt is busy with household chores, I fixed the fish’s meal.  I guess the fish recognized me because whenever I got close to it’s tank, it swims quickly towards where I was at.  My cousins were funny because they tease the fish sometimes.  The get the fish’s attention by tapping the tank by their index fingers.  The fish swims towards where the noise is and charges.  I thought that was cute.  The fish gets territorial.

Unlike legged pets, you do not have to worry about taking routine walks.  No litter boxes and stuff like that.  No grooming schedules and the likes.  Cleaning the fish tank is required periodically or as needed because it gets filthy quick.  And if you have kids at home, there’s a very little chance of chaos in the house at playtime.  When traveling for weeks, leaving the fish to a close friend of a family for care is convenient because you just have to put it in a fish bowl and leave some fish food.

Of course, whatever animal you want to have for a pet, it is very important to treat the pet nicely because it’s a part of your family.  And it is also important to know your kids reaction when the pet is around.

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