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Na-na’s Delicious Birthday Cake ( Momimhar posted on February 24th, 2013 )

We went to visit the parents-in-law this weekend.  It’s to celebrate grandma’s birthday.  My darling daughter loves her Na-na and she gets so excited whenever we tell her that we are going to visit them.  She always having a great time with Na-na and Paw-paw.

Because it is grandma’s special celebration weekend, everyone came over to join the occasion.

It is always nice to see kids having fun playing together.  My little princess enjoys being with other kids.  She is very friendly and curious.  At 2, she can speak clearly.  So she is, I can say, advanced in her speech development.  She is kind of dominating sometimes.  🙂  And oh, she remembers names.  She and her cousins enjoyed playing in the backyard yesterday.  It was a very pleasant day though the breeze was cool, they didn’t care.


What a pleasant day for play.

out in the backyard

Playing in the backyard.

a great day today

She asked her cousin, “What are you doing?”

When it got really cold outside, we called the kids for dinner.  We sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Na-na.  Everyone loved the food and especially the birthday cake.  Delicious!!!  We love birthdays.  And we love it when families get together.

birthday cake

The very scrumptious birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Na-na!  We love you and may God bless you with more birthdays to come.

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The Puppet Show Today ( Momimhar posted on February 22nd, 2013 )

Today is one of those special day for my darling daughter.  We were informed last Friday at Toddler Story Time that there will be a Puppet Show today.  Yay!  Of course, my little girl was very excited.  She kept on mentioning about the Puppet Show.  See, activities like story time gives our kids the opportunity to enhance their social skills and get them interested with books.  It is also one of the ways to entertain them while learning.

Because I am having a hard time waking up early in the morning, I tried my best to sleep earlier than usual last night. There are lots of things to do.  As a full time mom, managing my time is difficult sometimes.  Gladly I was able to wake up at nine o’clock this morning – with the help of my cellphone’s alarm clock.  I thought my little princess will get up late but she woke up just in time for breakfast.  That’s good because we like waking up slow in the morning.

I drove the car faster than I should just to make sure that we make it to the library earlier before the story time starts so we can get tickets.  The library has this ‘No Tickets, No Entrance’ system in all story time session’s capacity in the room is limited.  Often times there’s no more tickets left for us.  But not today.  We’re very happy to get tickets!

After the Toddler Time program, the Puppet Show came next.  The story presented at the show was The Cat Came Back.  When it was over my darling said, “More?.”

Kaye’s New Backpack ( Momimhar posted on February 21st, 2013 )

a-personalized backpack for kids



Oh yes!  She is very proud of her new backpack!  We had to replace the old one because my darling daughter is getting bigger and she needs a something that will carry her snacks and meals, drinks, and her favorite book.  Because it is a toddler backpack, her lovey bunny won’t fit in it.  She has to hold it.  She said she’s an explorer that’s why she has a backpack.  🙂

My toddler enjoys playing and, as part of her development, pretend play is constant in the house.  When we pretend we’re in the park for a picnic, I spread the nap mats on the carpet while she gets her stuff from the bag.  Sometimes she pretends she’s a school girl.  I know it’s kinda dramatic but I am not ready for her to be in school yet.  🙂  But my little one is fascinated about school buses.  She carries her backpack and goes to the door and say, “I am going to school, Mommy.”

K said she's heading to school. :)

K said she’s heading to school. 🙂

What I like about this backpack is that, it can be personalized to your preference such as names, initials, endearment, etc.  I picked this color and design because my little one likes ladybug. Hey, this can be included in her First Things collection.  It’s made of cotton (excludes accessories).  There’s a side pocket for little knick-knacks.  There’s a button and button holes on the straps for easy adjustment.  I think this backpack is cute and durable.  If you have little kids and you want personalized kindergarten backpacks for them, go to for more selection of cute designs.  Very affordable and these can be great  gifts to little ones and also for back to school.

Anyway, tomorrow is Story Time at the library.  I won’t be carrying two totes because my daughter will surely be carrying her new backpack.

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