Fun At World Of Fun ( Momimhar posted on January 17th, 2013 )

Besides celebrating the Holidays with my family in the Philippines, the other important purpose of our vacation in December of last year was to visit my husband’s sponsored children.  One of them is located in Manila area.  The other one is in Albay.

On the third day of our arrival, we meet up the sponsored child in a mall in Manila.  She was accompanied by her parent/guardian and the organization’s employee.  The itinerary of the visit include:

Lunch at the sponsored child’s favorite restaurant.  Pizza Hut.

Recreation.  World Of Fun.

Shopping for clothing and personal things.

Grocery shopping.

My husband started sponsoring them when they were 7 years olds.  It’s really a great opportunity (and we’re very thankful for it) that we were able visit the girls.  My sister was happy that she met them too.  She was our temporary babysitter for our little princess, and she enjoyed being with the little one.

While having lunch, the sponsored child gave my husband a scrap book.  Inside was her family pictures and photos of herself.  There’s also a letter for my husband stating her gratitude for his being generous and helpful.  That was very touching.  The memories of our visit with her will always be treasured.


A day of fun at World Of Fun in Robinson’s Place Manila.


“Let me try tita.”


The sponsored child was the one playing and winning with the machine. But my daughter pulled all the tickets.


Baby girl was feeling hot and tired. So I let her tita (aunt) take her back to the hotel for a nap.


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