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I’ll Be Home For Christmas ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

My niece, who is in second year high school, is not going to the Christmas Party in school.  The reason is that, we are coming and she is more excited to be with us than attending her class’ Christmas party.  I don’t blame her.  She has been looking forward to spending the holidays with us.  And because we will be in Leyte in two weeks, my niece and nephews are very excited to see us and our darling daughter.

When I was in high school, I always attend our class’ Christmas parties.  And whenever there’s a school Christmas Program, I always have a part either in a dance or a song presentation.  I was active in extra curricular activities in school.  Despite tightness in financial, I tried to get on with school requirements.  School was very important to me.  And I was very active in my class too.

On the other hand, my niece said that attendance to their Christmas party is not mandatory.  So she’s not bothered about it.  She is helping her mother get ready for the trip.  My sister will go with us to Bicol.  And she will be our assistant and temporary babysitter while we are in Manila.  I am anxious to get on the plane on Sunday.  My family and I will be home for Christmas.

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Gift Ideas For Toddlers ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

It was my darling daughter’s 2nd birthday yesterday.  The celebration was very simple.  We just had a small dinner at home with family.  Her grandparents came over during the day but did not stay for the night.  They brought a very big birthday present.  And my child really liked it.  My husband and I really appreciate everybody, especially his parents, for coming to celebrate with us.

One thing that the grandparents picked this birthday present for their granddaughter is that, it’s a pretend toy.  Kids in toddler stage has strong imaginations that they begin pretend play.  For toddler girls, here the three special gift items to consider.

Kitchen Set – Great for pretend play like house or restaurant…cooking, baking, frying, dish washing, etc.


Grandpa and grandma gave her a kitchen set.  There’s a microwave oven, conventional oven, dishwasher, and fridge.  There’s a stove, sink, and organizer on top.  Included also are pots and pans, oven toaster, utensils, and some grocery items.  Whenever my daughter is having a quiet time, she plays with her kitchen in the bedroom.

Cozy Coup Car – This is a toy car recommended for toddlers to use outdoors.  It’s push or pull type of coup.


I bought this cozy coupe car for my toddler last year and boy, she loved riding this red car.  When it was new, she wanted it inside the house and ride.  And whenever we’re outside, she likes to stroll around the house with it.  What’s cute is that she will stop and stand beside the car and open the white cap on the side.  She sticks her index finger in the hole.  She pretends that she is putting gasoline in the car.

Pop-up story books and educational books – These are good presents for toddlers since they are getting more acquainted with colorful pictures.  Pop-up storybooks are great because the pages show 3-D pictures in the books.  Counting books are interesting for toddlers because at this stage, they can recognize numbers and might be counting from 1-20 like my daughter does.  Exposing young kids to reading will give them the ability to learn early and fast.

My daughter is 2, and she loves to play and read story books.  I am glad that she enjoys these things.

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Special Wedding Gifts ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

Weddings are one of the most memorable moment in a person’s life.  These are treasured forever.  The memories of this special event is always shared to the next generation of couples.  Though every culture conduct and celebrate weddings  differently, the concept of uniting a man and a woman into matrimony is there.  Marriage is sacred.

Of course, since a wedding is a very special event, special gifts are given to the couple.  In this modern time, items like appliances and home essentials are given as gifts.  Sometimes relatives of both parties give treats like a getaway for a week or something.  Also, precious gemstones like Moissanite made into jewelry is a nice  gift to the bride too.

Some tradition in weddings come with passing along mementos of treasured things like jewelry.  Usually these precious things come from the great great grandparents with lovely stories to be told.  These and other special things given to honor the bride and groom add joy to occasions like weddings.

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