The Upcoming Travel ( Momimhar posted on November 23rd, 2012 )

Vacation time is fast approaching.  I am getting anxious to board the plane bound to the Philippines yet still worried if we got all the things needed for the upcoming travel.  We are still in the look-out for a carry-on travel luggage for our darling daughter because I know that traveling with a toddler is going to be a big challenge to me and my husband.  We haven’t seen any terrible two attitude yet.  We’ll see.  Hopefully our darling daughter will behave throughout the trip.

This will be our daughter’s first vacation to the Philippines.  My side of the family is excited to meet our little girl.  It’s gonna be an adventure for her too because she will be flying on planes, riding on tricycles, and getting on the buses.  I know that she will enjoy meeting her cousins, aunts, and uncle too.  On the other hand, communication between them might become a little awkward because my parents don’t know how to speak English.  My siblings, niece, and nephews speak a little.  But that’s alright.  Everything will be fine.

We’ll be shopping for the luggage in a few days.  And we are looking forward to find one that is durable, affordable, and adorable. 🙂

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