Some Baby Shower Gift Items ( Momimhar posted on November 20th, 2012 )

A girl friend who lives in Plano sent us an invitation for her baby shower.  The baby shower will be held on January 25 at her house.

Since last week, I am looking for a baby gift on the Internet. I hardly find something at the stores or at the mall because my time is limited during the day. And when I get home from work at night, I just want to browse the Internet for some cool stuff for the coming baby boy. There are designer baby clothes that I like and I hope my friend will be pleased with them. Appaman clothing is somewhat available for toddlers so I cannot buy him these yet. I thought, how about giving jellycat baby toys to be placed in the crib? Or a couple of barefoot dreams pajamas and sleepwear? Storybooks, activity toys, and baby essentials are nice too.  That would be a good gift idea. I looked at my friend’s baby registry and seems like I already found a few things she needs for her baby.

I admire her so much. She makes her schedule weeks ahead. January 25? I still have plenty of time to decide which gift to bring to the baby shower.

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