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Halloween Party ( Momimhar posted on October 25th, 2012 )

It’s my father-in-law’s birthday today.  We’re supposed to go visit and celebrate his special day but he called us telling mom is not feeling well.  So my family will just stay home this weekend.

Also I will be able to attend a Halloween Party for the first time this Saturday.  I haven’t bought a costume yet.  Or maybe, I will just buy an accessory for me.  There is no time for shopping now.  And if I shop online, it’ll be shipped very late to me.

As you know, I am excited for this party because like I said it’s my first time to be in a Halloween Party.  For sure my friends, most of them are moms, are gonna be there in their very cute Halloween costumes.   Now that the weekend trip is cancelled, I will asked my husband to watch our little girl Saturday evening.  I will tell him tonight when he gets home. 🙂

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