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Getting Our Stuff Together ( Momimhar posted on October 23rd, 2012 )

Getting our stuff together for the upcoming family vacation hasn’t started yet. 🙂 Oh don’t look at me like that.  I know I have to work on it soon and fast.  My husband is pressuring me about sorting all the holiday gifts for my family in Manila.  We already have a huge shipping box ready for the stuff.

Most of the homecoming gifts we are bringing are kids clothes.  I have many young cousins and clothing was the first thing on my mind.  It is easy to shop for kids clothes because I just have to buy one size larger.  I also consider the age range.  For example, I have a girl cousin who is 12 years old.  She has a slim figure so a size XL (14-16) is just right.

My aunt requests for a shoulder bag.  Like me, she really likes purses. I am still thinking of something to buy for my uncle.  The last time I sent a package for them, I gave him a cologne.  Unfortunately, my aunt told me that the cologne spilled in the car.  All gone.  Maybe I’ll give my uncle men’s cologne again.  There are little kids in the family too.  A few infant clothes would be fine.

In ten weeks we are flying and my husband hasn’t taped the box yet.  I need to push him to do that because Thanksgiving weekend is four weeks away and we’re traveling to see his family.  We both hate rushing.  So we better start packing soon.

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