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Halloween Costume For Toddlers ( Momimhar posted on October 15th, 2012 )

Last year, I have been eying for this Halloween costume for my darling daughter that is really cute.  I looked online for a bargain price but I had no luck.  I tried shopping at eBay.com but still the price for the item is not reasonable for me to grab.  So I decided to buy her a Halloween outfit instead.

I finally found the costume that I really wanted for my toddler to wear this year’s Halloween Trick or Treat.  When we were strolling in Walmart, we did a quick trip to the seasonal section and there I saw this cute toddler costume.  The Pink Pansy.  Yes, my darling daughter will be a flower on Halloween.

Noah’s Ark Rubie’s Jungle Flower Halloween Costume

Man, I’ve been searching for a deal on this costume online but I didn’t find the price that convinces me.  And all of a sudden, Walmart has it.  I was a very happy customer.

My daughter liked the costume.  When I tried it on her to see if there would be no problem on the fitting, she won’t take it off.  So I took the opportunity taking her pictures while she is wearing the costume.  And seemed like my toddler was enjoying the pictorial. 🙂

She said she’s a flower in the garden. 🙂

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