Anxious To See And Meet Her ( Momimhar posted on October 9th, 2012 )

My family is very excited about seeing our daughter.  My parents keep on asking what she can do now.  I said baby can talk well now–of course she only speaks English.  So I told my niece and nephews to practice speaking English so they can talk to her.

I am also trying to teach my daughter to speak and understand Filipino so won’t get out-of-place.  According to what I heard, teaching kids a second language at a very young age (let us say while their infants) is recommended because kids learn and absorb things easily when they are younger.  In addition, learning a second language can be an advantage to them.  Teaching a new language is also difficult.  We need to have lots of patience or else it’s all waste of time.  But it also a matter of time that my daughter would be able to speak and understand Filipino language.

I know how anxious my family is to see her.  And we’ll be flying to see them very soon on the holidays.

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