Musical Instrument For My Toddler ( Momimhar posted on October 3rd, 2012 )

I haven’t bought toys for my little girl lately.  The last time I went to the toy store was three months ago when I did a shopping galore and bought big toys like the swing, toddler table, and a broom and a sweeper.  My husband told me to stop buying toys for a while because our daughter barely playing with the ones in the toy box.

So after three months, we bought a new musical toy for our darling daughter.  My husband and took the opportunity to look for a keyboard that will serve also as learning keyboard for my daughter.  She likes music and shows interest in playing with musical instruments.  So this is her new musical instrument.  We bought a Casio mini keyboard.  There were a few selection of keyboards at the electronics store but I chose to get the Casio mini keyboard because it has the “Ode To Joy” in the list of type of songs.  As soon as we got home, our little girl wanted to play with the keyboard immediately.  But to our disappointment, the sales man gave us the wrong power adapter.  So my husband had to go buy AA size batteries at the convenience store nearby because we only have the AAA size.

Our toddler loves listening to her keyboard playing the music over and over…and over.

We love this mini keyboard 🙂

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