Making Your Cellar Work For You And Your Family’s Lifestyle ( Momimhar posted on October 2nd, 2012 )

Sorting out the cellar is one of those jobs I’ve filed away in the part of my brain usually reserved for filling out my tax return – the one marked ‘not to be thought about under any circumstances’. Musty old boxes full of receipts, half-finished craft projects that should really have been thrown out and exercise equipment that has never been used. Even the idea of venturing down there is about as appealing as a routine root canal.

But with our house full to bursting, the idea of getting some extra space is quite tempting. So maybe it’s time I finally spent some money on converting the cellar.

A quick internet search and I find that while converting my existing cellar may not be cheap, the price is still on a par with that of a simple loft conversion, according to The Guardian.

It may also be one home improvement that’s worth the money we spend, giving us a whole extra floor of space in an area we had previously ignored. A good transformation could potentially add to the value of our home when we come to sell it, while giving us enjoyment in the meantime. A loan may be a convenient way to add this versatility to our home.

But if we did take the plunge and convert the cellar, what would we do with it? Here are the three options I’m considering.

1.    Playroom

With our home fast disappearing under an avalanche of plastic toys, making the cellar into a playroom would definitely come top of my wish list. Oh the joy of having a place to put all the Lego and train tracks so we can finally reclaim the lounge as a relaxing space for adults! The best thing about making the cellar a playroom is that the room can change as the kids grow up – it could, for example, become a teenage den where they can play computer games with their friends. Cellars are naturally quite soundproof too, so we wouldn’t need to worry about the neighbours’ eardrums if one of the kids pesters us for a drum kit. I found some great cellar playroom ideas online, such as these ones from Room Creation Ideas.

2.    Guest bedroom with ensuite bathroom

At the moment, having guests to stay is a complicated business involving intricate planning, blowing up mattresses, and some lengthy waits for the bathroom. Having a private bedroom and bathroom in the cellar would be ideal for us, although we could only use it for very occasional guests as the lack of natural light down there may make it feel slightly claustrophobic. To make a cellar bedroom feel less cave-like, Freshome suggests using a bright colour palette and using a number of lighting effects.

3.    Home gym

OK, this is my most expensive idea, but I can always dream! The cellar makes an ideal spot for a home gym. For starters, I wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing the kids when I’m thumping about to my latest fitness DVD, and my husband wouldn’t have to watch my clumsy yoga poses first thing in the morning.  With a solid floor to support the weight of any heavy dumbbells, it should also mean we don’t have to shell out on any more expensive gym memberships either. Plus there’s already a spiderweb-covered exercise bike in the cellar at the moment, so we’ve already got a head start!

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