The New Baby Is Here! ( Momimhar posted on August 23rd, 2012 )

My cousin gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday afternoon.  She had an induced delivery again.  We thought she will experience labor on the second pregnancy.  The baby’s due date was August 21.  But the her doctor said that if she won’t be into labor, she’ll be induced on the 22nd. We’re pretty excited.

My daughter and I came over to their house for a visit and see the new baby.  Oh she’s so adorable!  Reminds me of my little girl when she came out.  I got to hold the baby and, oh she was so tiny.  I felt a little emotional looking at my darling daughter growing up so fast.

My cousin’s recovery is pretty quick because she had normal delivery.  What she has to deal with right now is taking care of two kids-toddler and a newborn.  Plus, baby blues attacks without notice.  Well, it’s her second baby and I know she can handle everything.  But I am here to help her.  She knows that.  Motherhood ain’t easy.

Our toddlers get along very well so I hope the new baby, when she gets bigger, will be happy to play with them.  Boy, three little girls.  My husband said that there will be three drama queens in addition to me and my cousin.  Blah!!! Whatever.  😀

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