Teeth Marks On The Tomato ( Momimhar posted on July 1st, 2012 )

Teeth marks on the tomato. :)

Teeth marks on the tomato. 🙂

Somebody couldn’t wait.  🙂  My dear husband and I together with our little one picked some vegetables in our small vegetable garden this afternoon.  Knowing our darling daughter, she loves tomatoes.  She likes to help pick them.  So we let her take these two tomatoes back to the house.  Not even at the door, she said she wants to eat them right now.  She gave one a bite.  I think that was funny and cute.

It’s really nice to know that DD loves to eat vegetables.  Besides tomatoes, she likes broccoli and green beans.  When I make stir-fry or soup, I add some green leafy vegetables for her to try.  She doesn’t complain because I mixed them in rice or meat.  Most of the time she eats green salad.  She loves it with ranch dressing.

These tomatoes went to her salad for dinner.  And oh, she also likes the tomatoes dipped in soy sauce.

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