My Squirmer ( Momimhar posted on June 27th, 2012 )

As my daughter approaches toddlerhood, she’s filled with so much energy and does lots of activity. Well even when I was pregnant with her, she wiggles a lot inside my tummy.  She was reacting to the noise, responding to my voice, and settling to a comfortable position when I laid down to sleep.

Look how playful she is.  She loves her stuffed toys-wrestling and jumping on them.  I am not worried about my daughter’ health and development at all.  I think she is ahead.  My husband and I are happy that we are blessed with healthy and cheerful child.

One of her little tricks

Now she is 19 months old.  Approaching the ‘terrible twos’?  We’ll see.  To me, with proper discipline and real patience, I don’t think my daughter’s behavior will be difficult to handle.

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