It’s My Tatay’s Birthday! ( Momimhar posted on June 12th, 2012 )

Happy 60th birthday to my dad! 

It is a big milestone for you reaching 60 and, with the grace of God, you will have more birthdays to come. 

You have been in the toughest times of life but you endured everything.  You gave the family a strong foundation for us to be able to value the goodness of life.  Though there were moments from the past when the family was in huge challenge often times, you did not give up.  There is no perfect person nor a perfect family.  There were times you were stubborn.  Hopefully, it’s all gone now.  You worked hard even with the smallest earnings.  Some people under estimate your capacity to provide but we grew up well and respectful.  Our family is intact.  You are a good father to me and my siblings.  You treat Mama very well. 

My wish for you on your special day, is that God will keep blessing you with good health.  We value your thoughts and helpful advice.  May your wishes come true also. 

We love you so much, Tatay.  I miss you.   We will see you soon.  And this time, you and the rest of the family will meet my little darling.  She wishes you a happy birthday too!

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