Thursday Morning ( Momimhar posted on June 7th, 2012 )

So I wake up very early today (8 A.M. to me is very early) so we can get ready for the luncheon.  My sister-in-law and mom woke up at 7.  Baby usually wakes up at 10 A.M. but whenever we have company, especially if grandparents are here, my baby wakes up earlier than that.

My todder’s getting up in the morning has been very consistent since she began sleeping through the night when she was three months old.  The 12-hour sleep seems pretty good.  Teething discomfort is kind of endurable now.  Teething gel helps to ease the discomfort so baby is not waking up in the middle of the night.  We keep the routine of having at least a nap a day.

And so, this morning we are busy minding our own business.  Grandma is done with her hair and just dressing up.  Sister-in-law is done with her make-up and she is taking care of her daughter then they will get dressed in a little while.  Coffee is ready.  Mom just wanted to have two toasts.  Sister-in-law got some cereal for her daughter.  I will be taking my shower soon before baby wakes up.  But before that, I will finish putting her baby foods in the diaper bag.

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